Node for digital input in dashboard

I have to control the speed from dashboard. Right now I am using "Numeric" dashboard node. I can change the speed with it but it is very slow in case of some specific speed. Is there any node to control the speed value instantly. I don`t want to use slider node. I need some thing digital screen where i can enter the value.

'instantly'?? There are lots of variables to think about. How fast is the machine running NR"? Are you running a browser on the machine running NR or on another machine? If it is another machine, how fast is that machine and how fast is your network? How big is the flow getting the data and acting upon it?

If I connect the ui-slider to the ui-text node, it the value showing up in the text node looks instantaneously to me.

I think @usmanEmder meant that with the Numeric node you have to scroll through the values.
@usmanEmder if you use a Text node then you can enter any value you like.

I have electric motor, and it is connected with "Siemens SINAMICS V20" (frequency inverter) and which is connected with "S7-1200" (PLC) and I am using "S7 node" for control the motor through Node-red.

Thanks for your recommendation, I will try.

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