Dashboard 2.0 Pre-Alpha Available

Thanks Joe. Done :slightly_smiling_face:

I deleted via the Dashboard sidebar first. Double clicking to open the config node and clicking the standard delete button.

Yes, I've not seen any other issues.


I wish I had time! :frowning: Sadly, what little time I have is mostly spent working on uibuilder.


When I run the build command (from the contribution documentation) within the folder of the cloned dashboard repo, I get an error:

pi@raspberrypi:~/flowforge-nr-dashboard $ npm run build
@flowforge/node-red-dashboard@0.5.0 build
vue-cli-service build
sh: 1: vue-cli-service: not found

I assume I have done something stupid, due to my lack of Vue knowledge. Do you have any idea what I could have forgotten?

Forget my question. Since @vue/cli-service is a dependency of the new dashboard (via package.json file), I needed to run npm install inside the folder of my cloned dashboard repo in order to install that dependency...


I tried to put the new nodes into their own "dashboard 2.0" category, but for some reason the dot is removed:


Before I digg into solving that, I was wondering if "dashboard 2.0" is a good name (for the left and right sidebars). Now it absolutely makes sense, but what in the future: as soon as the 1.x and 2x and 3.x ... versions of this new dashboard are being released, won't it become strange that we call it 2.0?

This is partly the reason it's not been published that way. I think this is a Node-Red bug, not aware of any other libraries that do it?

Re: 2.0, I agree. We may want a more consistent name - open to ideas!

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My other thinking was, given that D1.0 is no longer being developed, etc.

We could change the D1.0 label to "Dashboard (deprecated)" and then use "Dashboard" for what we currently call D2.0

Possibly, but I think that’s a bit premature right now until the new one is a bit more feature complete


PR also welcome on our documentation too :smile: apologies for missing the install step!

Agree, but with that in mind, couldn't we call the new dashboard category almost anything until we reach that stage, such as 'dashboard 2023'.
And change it to its final name when D1 is depreciated - as it would be a non-breaking change.
So I'm suggesting 2 category name changes, one now, and one later.


Very sensible.


Agree with the above. A separate category would be good. Also, I suspect it will be years before the long-tail of the current dashboard is ended. After all, it (mostly :grin: ) just works.

But "Dashboard 2" is doubtless sufficient for the category name? No need to get dotty about it :rofl:

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Consider it done (see PR).

So, after some more discovery.

It looks to me as though you are using Vue router and it is that that is changing the browser URL.

In App.vue in the created section, you have // loop over pages, add them to vue router I am guessing this is the part that needs fixing as the route it adds does not take account of the httpNodeRoot - in truth, you need to take into account the actual browser URL at that point and make sure that the extra path information is included in your route otherwise I think everything will fail. At least on a page reload.

Though perhaps better would be to adjust the payload.dashboards that you are getting from Node-RED on startup to include the httpNodeRoot. Maybe here in ui_base.js? // map dashboards by their ID

Hey Paul,
I am afraid that D1 won't be deprecated soon. Users have build a lot of custom stuff in D1, which they cannot easily redo in D2:

  • All css/html/js in ui-template nodes works quite different in D2
  • All svg based stuff cannot simply redone in D2 because there is no identical ui-svg node
  • And so on...

So I think some of these users won't switch soon, to avoid lots of rework.

Therefore imho, it would be better to choose a name immediately that we can keep using?
Would it be an idea to use "dashboard (Vue)" perhaps, because this technology won't ever be changed.
If ever in the future a new technology is being used, it will be again an entire new dashboard I assume...

Although the sidebar doesn't seem to like round brackets either, because they are filtered away:


I think we can deprecate the category name without breaking the actual nodes - so we can edge people down that migration path over time... after all I'm still using .substr and getting warnings in monaco about it :wink:


If the goal is to differentiate the dashboards completely, a new name could be used.

Foundry (play off the previous use of the word forge)
Helm (I think this is the best)
Billboard (not crazy about this as i identify this with an alarm or message summary object/panel)
Switchboard (not crazy about this as I identify this with a method of navigating displays)
Chalkboard (probably seen as a free form graphics contro of sorts)
Whiteboard (probably seen as a free form graphics contro of sorts)
Blackboard (Pizaron - Spanish translation)
OmniDash (1 dash to rule them all)

I was hoping FlexDash would be a big part of Dashboard 2.0 and that it would have just been called FlexDash.


Possibly Palantier may object since that is a product of theirs. :slight_smile:

Personally I would prefer it to continue as Dashboard 2. Dashboard (formally "ui") has been around from the earlyish days of Node-RED so people are familiar with the term.

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I agree... will be weird to have node-red-dashboard 3.2.0 and then node-red-dasboard-2 1.0

not intuitive.. with a completely different underlying framework.. i thought a new name might be considered.

I like FlowDash actually... very easy to differentiate old from new and not be confused by version numbers...

regardless.. I guess we will all figure it out... I'm giving the new dashboard a spin on nodered 3.1 w/ node18

I agree.

And FlowDesk, FlowDash or FlowBoard could actually go quite well together with the company's name: FlowFuse. :slightly_smiling_face:

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