Latest Release for Dashboard 2.0

Hi All, I'm out next week for a little break, but wanted to push an update to Dashboard 2.0 before I go.

This has been a doc/fix heavy release, but does include a new "Tile" type for Gauge which will be useful for any manufacturing HMIs and status dashboards you're working on:

We've also given the homepage of the documentation a small makeover to include some recommended reading, provide a quick "copy" option for the package name (@flowfuse/node-red-dashboard) and tidied up the social links in the top-right.

I wanted to do a particular shoutout to thank @m-schaeffler and joelvandal (from the Node-RED Professional Discord) for their first contributions to Dashboard 2.0.

We value any and all community contributions, and hope to see many more in the future.

You can see the full release notes here: Release v1.7.0 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub

It should be live in the Palette Manager in the next 30 minutes or so.


Is it my imagination or is 1.7.0 adding "Test" to all group names in the title bar?


Oh man, that's poor form - my bad - fixing now

I think I would need a lot of fingers to count how many times test code (literally in this case) has slipped through into production in code that I have released. You could try my ploy of blaming whoever reviewed the code :slight_smile:



Fix is in, released and published - v1.7.1

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Great, all ok now. Thanks.

Is it correct that the theming (still) doesn't work properly ? Whatever I change in terms of colors, they are not applied until I restart NR (3.1.0)

What kind of deploy do you use?

I guess the hint is there - I use modified nodes - which the ui theme should be part of no ?

It should, planned on looking at this today as have a few other people hit the problem.

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