Dashboard Chart X Label

Hey guys
I am trying to display in a chart the geographical location of an autonomous surface boat. I managing to get all the position coordinates to said chart but I don't know how to properly change the X label so I can actually see the points in the chart. Since it deals with geographical coordinates the different points only change it's decimal value. Here's a few images of the data and the x label I have set up so far.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Why not use a world map node and plot it for real ?

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I do that aswell, but I would like to then compare the plot of the planned path and the actual path I took.

Add the actual path to the map too.

Got that aswell :). Again I think seeing it in a graph would be valuable to analyze post-mission.

Here's an example how to have custom x-axis in linear mode. Don't know if it is enough for geographical coordinates but you can try.

Thank you!! I'll give it a try.

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