Dashboard dropdown selection showing on multiple browsers

I'm trying to build a dashboard where operators need to fill in work order information. A department can have multiple cells so I was trying to keep the dashboard groups down to a minimum by having the operator select their cell from a dropdown while the rest of the info is the same throughout the department. However, if each cell has the same group page open, the dropdown selection populates on each browser. Example: if I'm in Cell 1 and select "Cell 1", all the other browsers in the department will see Cell 1 in the dropdown. So technically, only one person can be using the dropdown at a time. Is there a way to fix this? The other method is I have to create a group page for each cell.

a Work around could be to just use different groups in menu form here is screen shot of mine for brewery.

it may be more work but will have the same effect.
and if you want one page showing everything. you just run duplicates of displays or data to show in more then one group.
I have my brewery group that shows all my temps and volumes and has all the controls.
however i have my display group that just shows temps and volumes without any controls.
i have been thinking of splitting things up more so i can just view one gage this will make easier monitoring for when using my cell phone to check something.
Cheers. hope it helps.

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