Use one button in two different groups or tabs in dashboard

Is it possible to use the same node (button or dropdown) in two different groups or tabs in dashboard? Does anyone know a workaround to this?

Why can you not just use two buttons, configured the same, and with outputs connected to the same flow?

I have tried that, but I am using many buttons (dropdowns and switches too for different purposes) in one group or tab.
Now on the second group or tab I want to reuse these buttons. I don't want my flow to contain way too many buttons that trigger the same variables.

I don't believe there is a way to do that.

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Okay then, thanks anyway

I'm a little lost on this. Could you provide an example of what you're doing? Chances are something could be simplified to accomplish what you want to do.

Some time ago, there was a similar request, which you did find interesting, Colin :wink:

I do as well see potential for many use cases (maybe because I was just searching for a way to do this in a better manner, instead of creating the very same button and input box multiple times).

Apparently my interest has waned :slight_smile:

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