[Dashboard] Reuse groups/widgets - For example for multiple thermostats

Hey all,

I've been tinkering with Node-RED in HA and I run into a wall.

If I would have 14 rooms, with in each room a thermostat, I would add 14 thermostat widgets/groups to the dashboard. One thermostat functionality for each room. But I seem to get stuck to create one widget and reuse it 14 times. Or to add 14 dashboard thermostats to one group? Something, so that I don't have to program 14 thermostats and edit 14 thermostats to make one change :slight_smile:

I'm sure there is an existing solution for this.

So, I think this just not doable with the dashboard nodes. A head-ace further I tried the dashboard template node. With it I can create an Angular.js widget.

I feed it an array with the different thermostats. It then itterates over the array to render the different thermostats.

Here a small test:

_Tim, can you share your flow ? thanks

You are right it is not doable by using the dashboard widgets.
I circumvent the problem and save dashboard real estate by using a drop down widget to select a room or item and use one group of widgets to control the selected room or widget.
I then have obe tab per room to show only the controls for that room.
And I use ui-table to get an overview of all thermostats or other things.

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