Feature request: show widget in multiple tabs/groups


I hope this is the right place to ask for a feature request. I did not find another solution for my requirement.
First of all thank you for providing the dash board which is an easy to implement way to provide a front end for my home automation project.

I miss the ability of the dash board to show one and the same widget in several tabs/groups. This would allow to put a single widget in different contexts. Usage could be easy by extending the group drop down box in the properties of the widget by check boxes next to the group names to indicate which groups should contain the widget.

Use case:
I have widgets for light switches, temperature displays, shutters, etc. I would like to have a tab/group to contain e. g. all the light switches. On the other hand I want a tab/group for each room to contain all widgets which belong to that room:light/heating/moisture etc.

I am curious if others have the same requirement or work arounds to achieve a similar result.

Best regards

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That's an interesting idea. I had not missed the feature, but now that is suggested I suddenly realise that I do miss it.

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