Dashboard on ESP32-3 possible?

hi is it possible to display the dashboard on an ESP32-S3 with touch-display?

I am not by any means clued up on these things - plenty on here who are.

But the dashboard depends on a web browser ( a modern one, Chrome, Firefox etc) for its display, so by extension, a desktop??

So if this device supports a modern web browser, one that is running on the device itself and has some way to display it on a screen - then maybe.

My guess is no - but don't hold me to that

As long as you're referring to Dashboard v1 and its standard elements: Yes, it is!

It yet depends as well on your flavour of the ESP32 device. The CYD unfortunately has a very special hardware config that is currently not supported.

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As an alternative look out for openhasp, which supports esp32 and quite a lot of touch displays.


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