Dashboard Sidebar Not Working in Chrome

All of a sudden (probably after a Chrome update which shows as Version 116.0.5845.179) the Dashboard is empty in the Node-RED editor sidebar. It works fine in both Safari and Brave but I get the errors shown in the screenshot below with Chrome (you can see that the Dashboard sidebar is empty in the screenshot too).

VM230:630 Uncaught ReferenceError: tinycolor is not defined
at Object.leastReadable (<anonymous>:630:37)
at Object.whiteBlackLeastReadable (<anonymous>:648:37)
at Object.calculate_page_sidebar_backgroundColor (<anonymous>:666:34)
at ensureDashboardNode (<anonymous>:773:74)
at Object.addTabOrLinkItem [as addItem] (<anonymous>:1541:21)
at V.<computed>.<computed>.insertItemAt (red.min.js?v=:18:27668)
at a.<computed> [as insertItemAt] (vendor.js?v=:10:1122)
at V.<computed>.<computed>.addItem (red.min.js?v=:18:27867)
at a.<computed> [as addItem] (vendor.js?v=:10:1122)
at HTMLOListElement.<anonymous> (vendor.js?v=:10:2133)

Any ideas of how to address this?

It kinda looks like you have files missing or bad install.

First try restarting Node-RED and doing a hard refresh (CTRL+F5)

If that is no good...

  • Try a different browser
  • Try without any browser add-ins (incognito mode might help)
  • How did you install NR 3.1.0?
  • Where is NR installed? (PI? Docker on same computer/other computer? Windows? etc)

In this scenario Node-RED (v3.1) was installed (upgraded from v3.0.2) using the Raspberry Pi install script.

I am accessing that Node-RED instance from my MacBook and as mentioned in my original post it works fine in both Safari and Brave browser but it doesn't work in Chrome.

Per your suggestion, I tried it in incognito mode and that does work so it must be related to one of the browser add-ins?

Thanks for the help... now to figure out which add-in is causing the problem.

Did you do a forced refresh to clear the browser cache? This is nearly always caused by a sticky cache retaining something it shouldn't.

Yeah, that was the first thing I tried for the reason you stated... but it didn't help :frowning:

OK, so that should be included in the file app.min.js to check whether it is loaded when you have the Dashboard page open. You can see it in the dev tools and search for "tinycolor".

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