Dashboard2 - modifying how timeseries time is shown in ui-chart?

Is there a way how the time display can be modified on the new ui-chart. Like change the time format to have short date & time (now only two digit AM/PM format ). Do you do it somehow via CSS styling or ?

Nothing to do with CSS. It is chart config thing but not yet available to adjust. Must wait a bit. It will be available, too early to say how much or which way but it's coming for sure.

OK Thanks . We are trying :slight_smile:

Yeah, ability to modify how timestamps are rendered is coming up enough for me to pay attention :smiley: haven't quite worked out how to allow configuration of this just yet, but it's on the list.

It would be cool if there is a ui-chart property where one can put a custom chart.js config that will get somehow merged with whatever ui-chart comes up with so that you open up advanced configuration options without necessarily adding a node-red properties for every possible combination of options. Chart JS is so powerful that it probably does not make sense to expose every possible option to Node RED.

UIChart / chart.js "advanced" mode · Issue #58 · FlowFuse/node-red-dashboard · GitHub :slight_smile:

Others have brought this up to, definitely on my radar

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