Db2 for i won't install

I'm getting the following cryptic error. Any idea what this is about? I'm installing this thru SSH against an IBM i at V7r3.
node -v

node-red -v

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Please copy/paste here the full command you are using and the output.

npm -g i node-red-contrib-db2-for-i

I have the output error in the previous msg but somehow they are not showing. Can you attach files on these posts?

Also, we are now running IBM i OS v7r4

$ npm -g i node-red-contrib-db2-for-i
npm ERR! code 127
npm ERR! path /QOpenSys/pkgs/lib/nodejs14/lib/node_modules/node-red-contrib-db2-for-i/node_modules/idb-connector
npm ERR! command failed
npm ERR! command sh -c node-pre-gyp install --fallback-to-build
npm ERR! sh: node-pre-gyp: not found

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:

Why are you installing using -g?

global install versus specific user install, no?
is that a problem for installs on the IBM i?

I've also installed:
npm -g I @mapbox/node-pre-gyp
npm -g I node-pre-gyp

I have no idea, but it is not the way the node's docs suggest installing, and it can be dangerous as, running as root, a bug or error in the flow could trash your system.
The fact that no one with direct knowledge of the node or device has responded suggests that no one here has such experience. Probably the best route is to ask on the node's GitHub page.

ok thanks. Would you have steps for installations on the IBM i?
Also, I'm reading this module can only install on IBM i and not on windows?
I saw also that they are developing an alternative to this module maybe thru ODBC. Any guess when that will be available or is there something else currently available?

It tells you on the node's page on the node red flows site, I believe.

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