Help needed to install node-red-contrib-db2-for-i

Hi everyone.
I need to install node-red-contrib-db2-for-i on my node red, but I got error. I use win7-64x. Then I tried with node-red-contrib-db2-fixed, and I could installed it. Want to know , are these two nodes different? how I can install db2 for i on win7-64x or ubuntu 18.04? I need to connect my database on db2 with node-red.

and the error is?

Unsupported platform for idb-connector@1.2.8: wanted {"os":"aix","arch":"any"} (current: {"os":"win32","arch":"x64"})
It means that I just can install it on AIX? if yes, may I use node-red-contrib-db2-fixed instead?

Its for IBM i systems (as stated in the read me here)

Have you tried or any of the others listed in the flow library?

I installed node-red-contrib-db2-fixed on my node-red (i installed on win7-64x) are these two nodes alike?
the second question is that, may i make my iot and making nodes on my ibm cloud?I have a database on ibm cloud and want to connect it to node-red.

No idea. Install it and try. Never used either.

Thank you guys. I solved my problem by installing node-red on ibm cloud and using PostgreSQL instead of node for i.

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