Debug Node / Window: No Show - Solved

Upgraded to Node-Red v1.0.0

Now, I cannot see the output from the "Debug" node in the Debug Message Window.

Is there a new setting somewhere?


Have you tried resetting the cache in your browser?

Thanks ukmoose. Reset the Browser (Chrome) Cache. Problem solved.


The problem with the Debug Window re-appeared, but with a different twist. This time, it was VERY not showing up until several seconds after injecting an input.

At the same time, I notice that my computer was working very hard....Chrome was at the top of the list for resource usage.

I had added a chart to the dashboard earlier in the day, so by chance, I removed the chart and immediately noted the debug window working again and responsive and the CPU resources used by Chrome much less.

So....perhaps a new problem.....why is my chart using so much of the CPU and slowing other process down?


How many data points was it trying to handle?

Not only how many data points, but also, how often are msgs being sent to the chart?

One datapoint, one chart every 5 seconds. Also on same Browser, five other data points to text every 5 seconds.


Sorry, we meant how many points in total are you allowing onto the chart? 500, 1000?

I reduced the rate to one data point every 60 seconds. That seem to help, but Chrome remains the top user of resources.

Here is the Chart Configuration:

Here is the Dashboard:

Does Chrome resource usage look as expected? Are there any other chart nodes that are more browser resource-efficient?


Well you appear to be keeping 24hrs of chart with a point every 5 seconds which amounts to 17,280‬ by my reckoning. That is a lot of data for Angular to manage in the browser and a known issue for that chart type.

If you think about how many pixels will be used to display the body of the chart, then divide your 246060 seconds by the number of pixels, you should get a rough figure for the maximum rate at which it is worth sending data.

I don't use Chrome any more but I currently have 24 windows open (each with many tabs) in Microsoft Edge Dev (Chromium based) including 2 complex dashboards (not Dashboard) - 1 using uibuilder/Vue/bootstrap with an embedded Grafana iframe and Grafana itself both with a number of complex charts on them and updating once per minute - and I'm showing between 2.5% and 14% CPU on my i7/16GB RAM Surface Book 2. That depends which tabs are active.