Decrease vertical space and stop sorting


First, how do I decrease the vertical spacing between the output of a node? I want the text right under each other, not half an inch apart.

Secondly, why is it sorting? I laid out my design in a specific order and I expect the dashboard to honor that unless I specify differently. How do I turn off sorting?


It is difficult to answer unless you show us how you are generating the output. If you are using node-red-dashboard then the placement of widgets can be set in the dashboard tab in the right hand pane.

How am I generating the output? Like this, using a text node.

So where, exactly, do you change the spacing between the text nodes?

and yes, I'm using nodered-dashboard. I didn't realize there were other dashboards that I could try.

You can control the position using the Dashboard tab in the right hand pane, as I said. You might have to click the drop down arrow to see it.


Then hover over the dashboard tab you want to adjust and click the popup Layout link, and you can drag the widgets to the positions you want.

For adjusting the spacing you will have to get into CSS. I am not an expert in that so will leave that for others. There have been many posts here about it.

You can adjust the vertical and horizontal size and spacing of widgets for the dashboard as a whole.

Thank you, while not perfect this sort of does the job. I had to adjust some other things after using this but I'm getting towards a layout that works.

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