Excessive spacing

I developed a time ago an automation project that used the node-red dashboard. So far so good.

I implemented several things, like buttons, text boxes and etc.

ultiment I changed the project again and realized that some things are misconfiguring in the dashboard. There is a very large space between the label and the value in some nodes, such as ui_numeric, as you can see in the attachment.


maybe I changed something unintentionally and it is quite obvious, but I can't solve it and besides everything is strange.

HI - not quite sure what you mean - in general the labels are left aligned to the space available and the values are right aligned. The total width of the widget can be set by the size option in the config panel, otherwise it defaults to the width of the group.

And if defaults are not quite enough, you can dig into dashboard CSS and make overrides wherever needed to make things look as you like. Sometimes easy, some elements may be tricky but for sure the dashboard is customizable.

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