Delete a function from library

Is there a way to delete a lib function in the UI ?

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Can you give more detail on exactly what you mean by that? What function are you trying to delete?

You can create a function and save it to the library

But I made a mistake and I want to delete a function in the library, how can I do that?


Within your .node-red folder theres a lib folder and within that a functions folder. Which will contain the folder if you have specified one.

You can delete the function by deleting it within that folder.

Yes I found that too, but why isn’t there a delete button in the web ui ?

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I’m guessing that very few people save their functions like this so it’s never been asked for before / made it far enough up the roadmap.

But the good thing about open source software is that you can suggest the change, code it and get it into the core Node-RED package

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Ah ok, thx for your answer.

What is the best way to go for this feature-request?
Here in this forum or github or…?

This forum has a Development category, and in there is Feature Requests.

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Just keep in mind that a complete rework of the Library functionality is in the 1.0 roadmap - so any small incremental change to the existing functionality is unlikely to get any time or consideration unless its part of the roadmap item.

Ok I see now...

As part of the Library Redesign, would it be possible to add these 3 options:


to the "Export to Library" popup (although perhaps they don't all make sense)?


Since there is no way to select the current "tab" with its information, that cannot be exported, it seems. It's also hard to know what is actually being exported -- so some of my users have lost parts of flows, especially when they try to update a previous version of the library file... being able to launch the remote diff viewer before saving would be helpful here.