Delete Object pair based on its value

Hi all, trying to remove noise from being input into my database. Any value below 0 to be noise due to electrical resistance etc.

This is an object similar to the output of the Analog Input Module


Currently the function im using

if(msg.payload.AL1<0)delete msg.payload.AL1
if(msg.payload.AL2<0)delete msg.payload.AL2
if(msg.payload.AL3<0)delete msg.payload.AL3

Desired Outcome


The issue is that there is a total of 12 AI modules with 6 variables each and I cant keep hardcoding the condition check.
Im sure there is a better way to do this but im quite lost on how to do it. JS Objects are unorded so I cant run a for loop and delete it based on its index. Well unless im wrong

Try something like this

for(const key in msg.payload){
    if(msg.payload[key] < 0 ){
        delete msg.payload[key];
return msg;

Many thanks. You always solve my Json problems

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