Deleting unused MQTT Brokers from drop down list


Hello folks.
I've downloaded a few flows that contain other people's broker MQTT broker IP addresses. (I use Mosquitto, by the way)
When adding the MQTT node into a flow I now have a growing list of broker IP's appearing in my dropdown selection list - so I would like to remove them.

Some choices are actually my usual broker but with a different Will message. It seems to create a new broker if the will message changes.

Disturbingly, one of my flows is choosing another address in the list and adopting it as it's broker. This a bit of a concern for me because I am expecting messages that never arrive. When I check on the broker - it's a different one to the one I have saved previously.

I don't see any logical way to remove them from the flow window (settings etc.)

Is this a Mosquito problem - or a node red cache problem?

Any help would be appreciated.



If you have an unused config node then when you deploy it should warn you of that and if you click the link it will show you them. Double click (?) the node and click delete to get rid of it. If the node does not appear there then you are still using it.



Thanks Colin - sorry I did not explain my problem properly.

I've long since deleted the offending flows / tabs / etc. but the broker IP's have been added to to my list of brokers anyway.

So if I select an MQTT "in" or "out" node, and drop down the broker list - there are more broker IP's there than I actually have.

I really just want to delete the cache of [apparently] available brokers that appear in the dropdown of an MQTT node.



You can also get to the config nodes via the menu - configuration nodes option




there are two different types of node in Node-RED. 'flow' nodes are those that you drag into the workspace and wire together, and 'configuration' nodes that are used to hold shared configuration details - such as the mqtt-broker config node. You may have deleted all of the flow nodes, but you still have some config nodes. The drop-down list shows you all of the mqtt-broker config nodes you have in your flow.

There are two ways to go about deleting them:

  1. select each one in the list in turn, click the pencil next to the select box to edit it, and then click the delete button in the config node's edit dialog

  2. open the Configuration Nodes sidebar (as @dceejay mentions) - this shows you a complete list of all config nodes you have. Double click on any you don't want to open its edit dialog and again, click the delete button.



As @dceejay says, each of the available brokers is actually a configuration node. The 'cache' is a list of all the mqtt broker config nodes. If there is one you are not using then you should get the Unused Config Nodes message on deploy. If you have a look at the config nodes via the menus as the others suggest then if they are still used you will be able to see where you have used them (possibly accidentally).



@Colin and @dceejay - Thanks again - hidden in plain sight. After the thousands of hours on Node Red I've never clicked it. I've seen it occur in the scenarios you indicated, but it never occurred to me that it was part of that menu.
[knolleary] - thank you - I used your point #1 to complete the deletions.

I'm now down to my two brokers as desired. Nonetheless, I'll keep my eye on the "broker switcheroo" that's happened a few times and report back if it recurs.