To many mqtt broker - how to delete some of them?

unfortunately I have to many mqtt broker configured in the mqtt node when I started using mqtt. How can I delete the unused brokers?

in the sidebar, go to the configuration nodes tab (you first have to click the arrow down symbol) and then there is an "unused" button which should then show you all unused configuration nodes. Double click on them and you can delete them.

You should also get a notification on each deploy that you have unused configuration nodes, there is a link "click to see them", which opens the same sidebar tab

If, however, you have got to the point where you have multiple config nodes for the same server, and they are all in use, then I have not found a way of merging them automatically. The technique I use then is to mis-configure (and give names to) the ones I want to get rid of, so they don't connect, and then find the MQTT nodes that need to be switched to the one you want to keep. You can find which flows they are on by opening the config node from the hamburger menu then at the bottom it tells you how many nodes use it and if you click the All Flows dropdown it shows starred the flows it is used on, which helps a lot to find them

in the config node you can see how many instances are connected to this node. I deleted the one with less nodes. If you then deploy you can see where the mqtt nodes are which now have a wrong configuration and you can change them.

@colin, fyi, in 1.1.0, the outliner shows how many 'users' a particular config node has. Clicking on it opens up the search dialog with the filter uses:<config-node-id> - which gives you the list of the nodes you'd want to update. Hopefully that makes it a bit easier to manage.

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This situation. happens when you import flows from "another NR configuration" including mqtt nodes. Suddenly you sit there and have multiple config nodes for the same broker. The way I clean up is to revise all mqtt nodes and connect them one by one to the configuration at top of the list. After deploy, you get the message of "unused configuration nodes". Then simply go ahead and delete them one by one
Is something that the import process should avoid, to create multiple copies of the same

many thanks for your support!
All cleaned up now! It took me a little bit more than one hour :-).

Excellent, another useful feature :slight_smile:
Not that it has happened for a while, I take care now to clean up immediately if I do an import.

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