Deploy camunda diagram using node-red

i'm trying to deploy camunda diagram using nodered but it shows me this error :
"Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:/Users/Ahmed/Desktop/process1.bpmn'"
P.S. the nodered isn't running locally , it's running on a server and the file on my desktop

That's your problem. The node-red server file system is not the same as your desktop.

Either copy the file to the node-red server or create something (like a dashboard) that uploads a local file to the server first.

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so it's impossible to read file from desktop when the server has the nodered ?

No, not impossible - more like "you probably shouldn't" - for example, you could make this this file available to the server via FTP Server or a network share & have node-red read it across the network (not that i would chose that as first option).

i would likely create a dashboard that uploads the file to the server - something like this or this

thanks alot

i uploaded the file now to the server (linux system - ubuntu) but still giving me the same error

If the file is definitely in that location then its likely permissions issue. Are you certain the error is the same?

try putting it somewhere common like /svr/upload/xxx.bpmn or /data/node-red/xxx.bpmn and ensure the account running node-red has access to that directory & file

it works now when i moved the file to /data because the nodered is deployed as docker ...thanks alot again

ahha - must remember to mention that - saves a lot of time

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