Deployment through FTP


I'm having a few issues with the chromium-browser on one of my remote devices, meaning I cannot access the node-red to make much-needed changes to the code. Is there a possible way that I can deploy the flows etc by file instead of through the browser?

I'm very short for time and the changes are quite important (adding filtering to the input of a frequency monitor as we are currently getting interference that renders our data useless).

Has anyone done anything like this before?


The only way I could possible see using ftp would be if you were to edit the xxx.flows file - which I would not recommend - and upload it then restart NR.

Seriously if this is time sensitive, get to another device and browser.

If you have remote ssh access you could login. Replace the flows file with a fixed version and then stop and restart node-red.

Yeah I have vnc set up. The issue is with the chromium browser on the remote device not working. It's on site so I cannot access it from another device/browser - it has to be done through the VNC.

I have a backup of the SD card so I was thinking I could potentially fix the flow here, then use the VNC Viewer's file transfer to deploy the fixed flows.

So yes use file transfer to copy over new flow then a command prompt to stop and restart