Design approach to manage Victron

Being new to NR and wanting to build an app to manage all I can via NR what is the best choices to make from the start. Eventually I want to run on Windows11 and access Victron remotely. I have downloaded\installed NR and the Victron node on W11. Also have enabled Large OS on CerboGX.

what interface protocol to I choose, mqtt, modbus, or something else.
will other 3rd party software be required (need to minimize
is using to flow editor the ide of choice

..this is not a NR question.
You should read the victron documentation first....

What is it you want to run on Win11??? NR, probably?

...what is your UseCase exactly? the Documentation. With VenusOS Large, NR is already installed on it.

When using the victron contrib nodes, this choice is automagically made for you....the nodes will interact with the Cerbo....again, it is all in the documentation Venus OS Large image: Signal K and Node-RED [Victron Energy]