Windows 11 Nodered\Victron install Issues

I am doing my 1st install after learning about these tools. Been in IT for a very long time but very rusty, as I have been retired for about 10 yrs, so I need some help getting off the ground.

I installed nodered on my windows 11 laptop, followed by the victron package. After the initial install of nodered I started the server process and all seemed fine. After I installed the Victron package I started getting a recurring error. I have been digging into the docs, etc so much I am completely confused about what to do to proceed. How can I get rid of this error in my cmd window?

Error connecting to dbus: Error: connect ENOENT /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket
Error connecting to dbus: Error: connect ENOENT /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket
Error connecting to dbus: Error: connect ENOENT /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket
Error connecting to dbus: Error: connect ENOENT /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket

My vision would be to create some scripts on my laptop that could interface with all my Victron systems. Is this a reasonable goal, or do I need to rethink my direction?

Thanks for any assistance!!!

Hi @rfg9585 - welcome to the forum

ENOENT is a linux thing Error NO ENTry (or Error NO ENTity)
/var/...... is a linux path (in widows terms, a directory/folder),
dbus is a linux service thingy

This all looks very linuxy (and you are on windows)

Which package?

There are a few: Library - Node-RED

Note: I remember reading threads in the forum regarding modbus & victron

I suspect you can use modbus nodes to get access to victron data

This is the Victron package I installed.

@victronenergy/node-red-contrib-victron 1.5.10

I realize all the references are linux based, that's what's confusing to me. Since I installed on windows11 I thought it would adapt according to the platform I installed on, guess not!!

Not sure what my next move should be to gain traction toward managing my victron systems? Unfortunately I need "instructions for dummies" if anyone can help.

Do I set an env variable of my cerbo IP address, or something along these lines?


Not necessarily - the node author may have written it specifically for linux.

(much stuff is written for linux because there is either no sensible windows approach or it is harder to do in windows or the author simply doesnt know or deal with windows - it happens)

did you read the posts I linked to?

do you know what Modbus is?

do your devices support modbus?

Failing that, you could always fire up a linux box (Cheap Raspberry PI or NUC for example) - just be sure to follow the installation instructions. You could even run a linux VM on your windows box!

Alternatively, try one of the other victron nodes

How did you install node red?

Looking at the readme for the node it appears that it connects to dbus on the victron device. Did you take note of the instructions in the readme for how to allow that?

I read the posts, or at least most of them. Still seems a little "greek" to me, hoping over time it will sink in better.

I do not know what a MODbus is in the nodered context. I am guessing its a communications object of some type.

hummmm, linux VM shell sounds like a possible route if the package is not windows supported. How can I find out for sure if its only linux? While VM linux is a possibility, never in my 40+yrs in IT did I ever have the need\experience to setup one. Heard the Raspberry PI term but not familiar with this either.

If I get to a point where these are not supported on win11 are the easy to uninstall, and start over in a VM\Raspberry...??

Thanks for your responses!!

A good excuse to learn all about it. Good mental exercise.

If you are full on windows guy, there is wsl in the Microsoft store. Install that.

Next enable WSL2 mode.

Then you can install Ubuntu from the store.

Once you have a the Ubuntu terminal (command prompt), you can enable systemd in wsl

Next simply run the official install script to install node-red

bash <(curl -sL --node18

Depending on your version of Windows, you may have access to WSL which is a pretty complete but lightweight Linux VM specifically designed to work with the Windows kernel. The problem you may face either way might be that the nodes may assume access to Linux device-level stuff, if that is the case, it is unlikely to work.

I was hoping to be retired from this IT stuff, but sounds like if I really want this to work, I have to jump back in. OK, here goes. I have windows 11, you suggest I install Ubuntu, is this preferable over redhat?

PS how do I uninstall nodered and the victron package from my windows OS?

You don't have to but if you want to...

From a command line:
npm uninstall -g node-red

then delete the ".node-red" folder your home folder


I am determined to get this working on a pure windows11 platform. I was messing around with some of the files and hardcoded the cerbo-gx address into the victron-client.js file. I enabled the modbus in my vrm. Now when I run the nodered package, I no longer get any errors.

Is there a simple flow\package (whatever you call it) I can run in the editor to test my setup?


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