Detect page refresh (F5)


I have a table with list of compsed rows (labels, dropdown, input text ...)
When i refresh my web page (F5), i lose all the data in the table.
this bhavior is normal since i populate my table with an inject node containg the sql query.

Is there a way to detect that the user refresh the page so i can execute again my sql select query ?

thank you in advance for help

Hi @AliBenBelgacem - if you are talking about Node-RED Dashboard, then the ui_control node can be used to detect when the dashboard is opened.

If you aren't talking about Node-RED Dashboard, then you'll have to provide more details.


Am using ui_template to create the table.

How to include the ui_control to achieve my goal ?

Find the ui_control node in your palette and add it to your workspace. Then read its help text in the info sidebar.