Detecting Arlo motion and sending to Echo Show

I'm currently using Alexa routines to detect motion on my Arlo cameras, open the camera in the Echo Show, WAIT two minutes, close the camera window.

This is somewhat limited though, as the camera does not always open full screen (NFI) and since the routines run asynchronously, the Echo Show gets flooded with requests from the Arlo. It does not pause the two minutes to stop additional requests.

I'd like the window to stay open for two minutes after the last request.

It looks like Node Red would be the simplest way to accomplish this, as I already have the Docker on my Linux Box, although I've never used it. I gather Node Red also supports Arlo and Alexa, once I add the the required nodes.

Is anyone doing something similar, could you point me in the right direction and suggest some examples if possible.


It may be possible but there is very little information about the arlo node, so you may just have to install it and see if it works first.

Assuming you managed to get motion events into NR then, we may be able to help you with the rest :wink:

I did not read much encouraging, it seems that anyone who came close was using HA or IFTTT and they had to pay for an Arlo subscription to make it work. At least with Alexa I don't need an Arlo subscription.

Adding a second Echo Show messed things up, as Alexa seemed to be competing for the Arlo connection. This turned out to be a good thing, as I discovered that when you set the Event schedule in Alexa, there is a hidden feature that lets you suppress repeated events. So I hacked the Event schedule between the two Echo Shows and suppressed the repeated events for the length of the screen display. Very kludgy, but cheap and it doesn't require four platforms to make it work.

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