Detection of [tab] click possible?

Hi all,

I have a question and google was not able to show me the answer.
Maybe you know. (Hope so)

I have build a nice dashboard.
multiple tabs.
Inside the tabs I have multiple groups which I can show/hide with button presses. :slight_smile: works nicely.

I notice the settings of hidden/shown tabs/groups is not remembered if you log into the same dashboard from another device.

I have already built the ability to store and restore the state of shown/hidden tabs.

I am looking to create a 'refresh' action after a tab is selected.
Is it possible to detect GUI tab selection/clicking?

The alternative I have now, which I dont like, is a inject node which acts as a trigger every x minutes to refresh. But this is a brute force method... and I just dont like it. It is untidy, resource hogging and ugly.

Hopefully you guys know of an alternative that can help me in this :slight_smile:

In the above image the Dashboard configuration I built so every user can hide or show main tabs based on their own preference.

Ui-control will give you a on connect and tab change updates, read the help text.

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Geeess..... I feel stupid now.

Ive been sending stuff to the ui-control node.. but never thought of putting a debug node behind it to see what comes out... OMG

It is so simple... DOH!!!

Thank E1cid

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