Different dashboard after power outlet

Hi, I'm new to Node Red, most of my work is kind of copy/paste from here and other forums. Bear with me, it's story time.

I installed node-red on my Synology NAS this february and built my dashboard from there. Everything wasn't perfect but it was enough.
In late march we suffered from an unexpected power outlet which caused my dashboard to disappear completely.
After some googeling about finding some back-up I started from ground up to build my dashboard again.
This time I managed to fix some of the things I wasn't really satisfied with in the first run.
Then today came, another power outlet! And I know what you're thinking, "why didn't I learn the first time around?".
But here's where the question of this thread starts to build.
When I booted the NAS my old dashboard appeared, but now I want my new one. How do I fix this? I'm thinking if my old dashboard was there all along, my new one must be somewhere in there as well?

Sorry in advance if I'm missing some basic steps or information I should've mentioned.

Try searching through the nas for settings.js which should be in the userDir folder that defines your node-red installation.

Presumably if it is a SYnology NAS you are running NR in Docker ?

If so paste up the screenshot of the docker control area and also the Docker Compose file.

You should have a definition in that file for storage outside of the container - something like

-v /home/pi/config:/config \

or some such - this is telling the docker container where to store the Node red config on the Synology filesystem


My guess is there might be two images & they race to fire up (on a reboot) and grab port 1883. One instance has the old dashboard flows, the other has the new flows.

Are you taking about the run time dashboard (node-red-dashboard) or the node red editor where you setup the flows?

I found my settings.js but it's dated from february. It's the only settings.js i can find, but I'm not sure if I'm searching my whole NAS from File Station.

Craig: I followed the instructions on https://www.rs-online.com/designspark/installing-node-red-on-a-synology-nas using Putty.

Steve: If so, can I somehow find these two images and erase the old one? Maybe I should've posted this on some Synology forum instead :sweat_smile:

Colin: You could say both since the run time dashboard shows my old layout and I can edit them in the editor. Please correct me if I misunderstood.

Isnt there a container / image manager on synology? (I dont have one but my QNAP NAS has a page where I can see running containers)

I'm not sure if I can se that somewhere, at least I can't find it.

Do the image start when I reboot node red or the NAS? Could it be that the newer one starts slower since it contains more flows?

Shouldn't I see two settings.js in my File Station (the file manager)?

Looking at that guide - you have not done the usual docker/container installation but instead, installed it directly to the NAS & used PM2 - did you do that full procedure?

If so, open your SSH connection again & run pm2 list - show us what you see

Running as admin I get following answer.

"Current process list running is not in sync with saved list. App node-red differs. Type 'pm2 save' to synchronize."

And yes, I'm quite sure I did the full procedure.

I need to see the list

Ok, sorry.

well according to that you are not running node-red under pm2 so god knows what is going on.

try pm2 save then pm2 list - any different?

Afterwards, reboot NAS and see if node-red is running. If it is, then do pm2 list one more time.

It doesn't change anything. Still an empty list. Even after rebooting. :man_facepalming:
But I checked the guide again and I didn't follow the instruction to the end as I thought. I only went as far as making the task to run at boot. After that I started testing making flows.

Can you copy/paste the startup log?
I wonder if the host name for the computer changed with the power off. If you don’t specify the flow name in the start of node-red, I believe it uses the host name. If the host name changed, then the flow name would also change. It’s possible that the first power outage caused the host name - and therefore the flow name - to change. Then after the second power outage, maybe the host name changed back to the original so you pick up the flow file brom back then.

One way to check is dog to the .node-red directory and list all the files and see if there is more than one flow file.

You can set the flow file to use in settings.js

Where can I see the startup log?

This is what my .node-red directory looks like.

As far as I know it has had the same IP all along.

  1. it’s not the IP it’s the host name that we was looking for.
    Since there is no xxxc.flow file there you must have NR installed in two places

I'm sorry, I'm pretty new on all of this.
What should the hostname look like? Is it the server name? That's "Synology" and has always been.

I can't find any other node-red directory, but I'm not sure if I can see all files in File Station or if it's Media Center files only.

Install 'mc' on the Synology (in the SSH terminal) then use mc to help you navigate files and search.

You must have Node-red installed in multiple locations. Look at the dates in that folder, they are all from February.

As @Steve-Mcl has said, you neet to search your NAS to see if there are any other .node_red folders.