Different forum posts shown at top on Android vs WIndows

PC and Android both running Firefox and visiting discourse.nodered.org, showing "Latest".
On the phone "Latest" is a dropdown. On PC "all categories" is a drop down.

On my PC I see 2 pinned posts: "How to share code or flow json" and "How to add/update nodes to the Flow Library"

On my phone I see 4: "Node-RED 1.2.9 released", "How to share code or flow json", "How to add/update nodes to the Flow Library" and "Welcome to the Node-RED Forum!". This stays the same with mobile view or desktop view.

It's particularly irritating that Node-RED 1.2.9 occupies prime screen space since it's not exactly news!

Why the difference and is there a way to dismiss pinned posts?

You can selectively unpin posts yourself - clicking on the pin icon should do it.

But you're right - I had forgotten to globally unpin the 1.2.9 release post - which I have now done so.

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