DISABLED groups - question

On the edit screen I have a group.

It is disabled, yet it isn't really reflecting it in the list.

(See pictures.)

I feel it would be nice(r) is the names were shown crossed out when they are disabled.
I won't attempt to show you what I mean, as I am really not good with using the paint programs these days.

Basic stuff, yes, but tricky stuff is painful.

Ok, painful (poor) example:

In that case, instead of re-inventing the wheel, I think a better way is to use the same "look & feel standard" as already introduced and in place in the info tab where the list of your flows is shown

That is what I was wanting to be done, but I just lack the talent to get that shown in the example.

m8, no talent needed, just copy & paste
Have a nice day!

I couldn't find that example you used. So I had to make it up.

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