Flow group background color coding best practices/suggestions

As my home automation flows grow larger and more complex, I'm finding that background colors for my groups are quite helpful for quickly finding things within my flows.

This got me to wondering if there are any "best practices" for flow/group color coding. If not, for those of you who do use it extensively, what have you found to be the most helpful in terms of what you assign colors?

For myself, I always reduce increase the transparency so that I can see what is behind it (e.g. the grid). I also try to use muted colours and anything too bright, I find distracting.

I'll use something red-ish if the group is dangerous or should only be run with caution. Otherwise, I tend to use pale green, blue and orange/yellow mostly. Works for me but might not if you have some form of colour blindness.

(an exception to the transparency there I just noted!)

I don't think there are any actual best practices though, of course, you should stick to WAI recommendations if you are producing something for other people's use.

I stopped using coloured backgrounds because even at the lowest saturation setting they were just too distracting. But since TotallyInformation has pointed out the transparency/opacity option maybe I'll set them up again. Looks like 25% opacity is about right for me.

I do use coloured outlines and always give the group a long explanatory name.

We can put text at the head or the foot of the group. Sadly, not both!

I also tend to finish all of my group titles with \n (space-backslash n-space) to get some extra whitespace underneath it otherwise I find it to get a bit crowded.

I doubt my flows are "best practice", but it's best practice for me :wink:
Once they work, I give every node a proper name and hide the labels, I can hover to see what it does

I prefer to keep every flow simple and use link/call nodes where reuse of things are needed/more convenient.

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