Disadvantages for some google accounts to work with nodered + NORA

Good afternoon colleagues, I hope you are excellent and first of all, I want to congratulate @andrei-tatar for the great job he has done with the NORA service. This message is to tell you something that is happening to me and that is that I have a server with node which has NORA for integration with google assistant. The drawback is that despite the fact that the devices appear added to the https://node-red-google-home.herokuapp.com/ page and these devices are already linked in the google home app and that at At the time of requesting the goggle home mini an action "Turn on bedroom light", the google home mini responds to me satisfactorily, but at the debug exit of the NORA node I do not have any change. On the other hand, if I modify the google account that is associated with the NORA node (which is associated with a token), there if the goggle home mini works for me (after having changed your google account). It should be noted that both accounts have the NORA service added to the google home and that for both the devices added appear on the https://node-red-google-home.herokuapp.com/ page and that in both accounts the google home mini gives me a satisfactory answer, but only one shows me information in the DEBUG, while the other does not. Thank you for reading my message and I will be attentive to your comments or to any in which you can collaborate.

By the way, I already tried changing the token, also unlinking and linking the NORA service in google home, but nothing has worked for me.

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