Discussion on new editing introduced with 2.2.0

The new editing abilities are great to have but I'm thinking that they might need a bit of editing (in terms of key presses and mouse actions) before they get too ingrained and included in docs and videos

In my brain, now that the flow wires can be maintained when a node is deleted, this should be the default action of the delete key

Although this is a change of previous long standing NR behaviour, I see it as being a complete enhancement.

If the user wants the wire deleting as well, then its another click and another press of delete

But I think its going to be what the user wants in the vast majority of cases

To save on mouse/keyboard action when the user does want to delete both node and wires, then if a ctrl-delete (or something else #discuss) could be added for that purpose

Got thoughts on Detaching as well but lets stick to this one for starters :slight_smile:

What do others think?

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While I agree, on the face of it, leaving wires connected would absolutely be my default preference, we almost always end up with the same decision to make between maintaining backwards compatibility or changing.

If Nick were to agree it would definitely be in a major version change.

But what might be a better way to proceed with this is to make it user choice / setting option?

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Because this isn't a coding issue and because the change is so beneficial and non-destructive, I don't think it needs to wait for major change - strike while the iron is hot in this case :slight_smile:

I think not (in this case)

It's so much the way for NR to behave "going forward" #HateThePhrase that it doesn't need the option. (I mean the option can be there to revert to old method but shouldn't be needed to enabled to get the new behaviour)

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Or another 10 clicks if there are 10 wires connected.

Well, the new ctrl with right-click drag sorts that out :slight_smile:

well - v3 is slated for April so a good time to raise the thought.

I didn't realise that the delete key action was configurable in keyboard settings

So that has made it very easy to switch delete and ctrl-delete actions around :slight_smile:

So that'll let me try it out in a working instance.


Good idea, might try that myself as well.

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