Opinion wanted: potential new feature "Split Wire With Link Nodes"

Hi all,

I am canvasing opinion on a new feature to the editor: split-wire-with-link-nodes-action

The Question: What would be a good way to expose this feature?

  • Currently, in development, I am using CTRL-SHIFT-X.
    • to me its like a "Modified Cut" action - (CTRL-X being Cut)
  • Also, it is available via the action palette

Also, does it suit the name "Split Wire With Link Nodes"?

Comments and criticisms are welcome to :slight_smile:

Here is a sneak peak of the current development - to show you what this means...




Looks quite a nifty tool :slight_smile:

Not certain on ctrl-shift-x as your not "cutting" using the normal computer definition and that might be needed for something else in future

maybe ctrl-shift-L as its to do with link nodes?


I like the capability certainly as it is something I end up doing fairly often.

Personally not that bothered about what keyboard to choose as I can never remember them anyway.

What I WOULD like to see is for the Editor to start making good use of a RMB menu for those of us who struggle to remember the ever growing list of shortcuts. That would be a great addition to v3 :slight_smile:


I think RMB (Context Menu) is something that we should not overlook. Many considerations to make of course.

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Anything RMB becomes tricky on a tablet

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Can you also select wires to link using the new “slice”like action ? And also Nicks demo re tie down /junction nodes. While slightly different they both help to tidy wires and will need short cuts.

Must admit -X doesn’t feel right for adding links. Can we use ctrl-ins-L maybe ?

I think that the standard for touch is an extended touch. All platforms use this to the best of my knowledge. That is also the standard for Apple MacOS devices with a single mouse button.

So this really shouldn't be an issue.

In any case, this is an extension to the existing capabilities, not a replacement. And, what's more, only having keyboard shortcuts is a nightmare for touch users.

Possibly. Worth a look see / try out.
What mouse button (and modifier?) do you think might work for this kind of "slice to link nodes" vs the current "wire slice" operation?

Urk! What keyboard layout do you have? :exploding_head:

That would certainly not be considered accessible I'm afraid.

Ok ctrl-shift-L for link


Well, I for one, don't want to hold down any key :slight_smile:
Just a context sensitive, right mouse click dropdown menu to appear

It starts to get 'awkward' when it includes mouse buttons for touchpad users (already raised in relation to 'wire slice').
Trying to combine touchpad actions is possible, but not easy.

Lots of good feedback and ideas for us to take on board.

In recently releases there have been quite a lot of actions added around wiring that haven't had any default keyboard shortcut assigned.

With 3.0 we'll do an overall review of the missing default shortcuts to see which we want to add - and do so with some logical consistency across the board.

Regarding a context menu - that is certainly on the list as has been mentioned before. We have already solved that for tablets with a long press context menu that exposes copy/paste/delete etc. So if anything, it's a case of bringing mouse support up to match what you can already do with tablet.

And we will also look at how to make the mouse triggered actions more customisable.


@dceejay has very long fingers you know :rofl:

I recon more like octopus tentacles! :octopus: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :metal:


Overall an awesome feature and one I would use a lot.

I can never remember most shortcut keys, so it doesn't matter to me what you use :slight_smile:
As for a a name, maybe "Split Wire Into Link Nodes"?

7 fingers ? I'll have to regrow another 1. :+1:

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Looks like a fantastic feature, love the idea!

Why not just place a new Link-none above the wire .. resulting in splitting the wire .. and setting the Link-In and Link-Out node ? --> no shortcut required :wink:


Something else along similar lines. Currently we can't connect a link out node to a standard node (or a standard node to a link in node). Perhaps in this scenario we should instead just generate the required link in (or link out) node as required to complete the connection?