Opinion wanted: potential new feature "Split Wire With Link Nodes"

I like the sound of this, but how does it work for multiple wires? Do you envisage that you'd select all the wires you want it to apply to, then just drag the link-in (or link-out) node over any one of the selected wires? Perhaps that could work.

yes .. it should work as you do with other nodes ... like Change-Node .. just put it over a wire and it inserts itself inbetween .... only difference is that here a Node-Out and Node-In will be inserted

I know that is not solving the multi-wire issue but it would work similar to the general NR operation

Not really similar to any current operation tbf.

The action list (where you can find similar operations like "join a series of nodes" and "join multiple nodes" exist) is where it will appear first but in attempt to make it more accessible I'm favouring the new mouse wire slice operation that was suggested in the PR.

There are some thoughts and discussions around context sensitive menus - that might make the release (e.g. select nodes, right click, "split wires with link nodes" kinda operation) that I'd favour over dropping a single link node onto a single wire.

But I won't count out ideas until I've looked into them properly.

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@Steve-Mcl - not sure if you saw this one. Slightly different scenario than the one you've outlined here, but still has to do with the way a user manipulates link nodes.

Steve has put a great amount of effort into getting this shortcut feature to work well with multiple wires/inputs/outputs. Having a keyboard shortcut to trigger it is nice, but like Julian I would probably tend to reach for the hamburger menu instead of trying to remember it, no matter which key combination is used by default...

My initial request was for dropping either a link in or link out node from the palette onto a single wire -- which is normally what I would do manually, in order to move part of a long flow down the page or onto another tab. If I'm reading this correctly, is that what is being asked for here?

Note quite. What I've mentioned is just automatically creating a link out node if a user tries to connect a regular node with a link in node. Also the other way round, when a user tries to connect a link out node to a regular node, then a link in node should be created in-between to allow the connection. Currently the editor just doesn't allow connecting regular nodes to link in nodes, and also doesn't allow connecting link-out nodes to regular nodes.

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