Show all dashed wires of a flow through a keyboard shortcut

In some projects, we rely on Link nodes quite heavily. With the editor changes in the recent past, it already improved a lot, to understand the connection between nodes (especially through the dashed wires).

As of right now, the dashed wires are only visible when selecting a respective Link node. It would be quite helpful if there was a shortcut to display all dashed wires in the current flow (e.g. by pressing Shift or Alt).

If this conflicts with existing shortcuts, it might also be helpful to expose an API to toggle the visibility of those wires.

Hi @Beevelop - that sounds a reasonable thing to have. I've put it on the backlog to look at.

If anyone want to have a go at tackling it, let me know and I can give you some pointers as to how we'd want to do it.


Thank you @knolleary for the quick response. If you can give me a few hints, on were to start for this feature, we might be able to tackle this in the next sprint and open a PR for that.

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