Proposal: Option to delete a line when keep pressing


Hi, I’m new to Nodered and also here. Experimenting Nodered from a tablet, I noticed that I can’t delete a line.
It would be nice if when keep pressing a line, an option to delete it would pop up. Something similar to the nodes.


I know for a long time we didn't support delete wires via the long-touch pop-up menu, but we definitely added that in the last couple of releases (I forget when exactly).


Hi, I tryed many times before opening this thread. I am using v0.18.7. After your answer, I tryed in many ways, and I think that I noticed what is going on.
It only works with a first touch to select the wire and a second one NOT in the wire.
Either long pressing the wire or first touching to select and a second touch on the wire, which I think would be more intuitive, WON’T WORK.
That’s it.