Tablet usability changes planned?

I use an Android phone and iPad extremely often for computing tasks, especially after work hours, Not that it needs to matter, but I have poor vision, and mobile devices are an assistive tech for me and many others, of course.

The Node Red UI is actually pretty great on an iPad, so I can’t complain much. But I’m new to it, and so far found at least one thing which is impossible: removing a wire. (Workaround is to delete the node!)

I imagine there are other issues, but I was just wondering if this is an area that the project team pays attention to, and how best to make feature requests like this.


If you press and hold the wire, the options ring will appear and you can delete the wire
(tested on iPad) can not verify for Android since I don't own one)

Plug a mouse(can be wireless) into you android tablet, you can select things easier.

Ahh, I found a bug. This works on Safari on iOS, but not Chrome on the same device! How would I report this? Am new to the community.

Edit: I just tested Android with Chrome — the ring works there as well.

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