Display text in svg graphic


I would be interested to know if the text can also be used as input?

I don't want to send anything to SVG, but I want to enter something in SVG, for example a target value.


Hi @ninaaa,

Yes that should be possible in most modern browsers. The idea is to use a standard HTML input element as foreign element (i.e. non-SVG element) inside the SVG.

You can read more about it in this tutorial on my wiki.

Here is the demo animation from that wiki page:


Good luck with it,


Also see Display text in a svg graphic

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Thanks first of all.
I've been playing with it for a few days now.
Unfortunately you cannot edit it in the SVG editor.
In the Fire-Fox browser I have some problems with the size of the input field.
To do this, I would like to change the font and remove the arrows and center the input more.
What I'm also missing is the ability to show/hide the input window.

If anyone has any tips please share them


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