Does Node-RED support Federated Logic when it comes to multiple deployed node-RED instances?


If one has more than 2 instances of node-RED deployed on distinct hardware and has authentication setup up, is there a feature where the end-user can generate a single Bearer Token which can be used to deploy dedicated flows on all the instances using the HTTP API?

Potential Benefits

since node-RED does provide HTTP APIs to control / manage flows, nodes etc. it might be beneficial to have tools like Ansible configure these instances in a cluster to execute dedicated flows from a single control device.
However, assuming that each instance generates a different Bearer Token to interact with the APIs it might become tedious to manage multiple Bearer Tokens.

Possibly, kind-of. By moving the authentication/authorisation to an external shared service such as a reverse proxy. That way you avoid the problem completely since both sets of admin endpoints will not be accessible without the same authentication. Much easier than messing with node-red's authentication.

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