Don't want Browser to Exit Full Screen when mouse moves over to top

I have designed the dashboard to utilize complete screen and have some clickable buttons at the top row. A feature of browser (Microsoft Edge) is trying to exit full screen when i move the mouse rapidly to the top to click the buttons. is there a way apart from moving the mouse slowly to avoid the browser come out of full screen mode? (I can get into and out of full screen by pressing F11, which is perfect for me)

Google Chrome Browser is better, since when i move the mouse to top, it just shows one Cross mark to exit full screen and does not hide my dashboard buttons.

Have you tried kiosk mode? Configure Microsoft Edge kiosk mode | Microsoft Docs

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Absolutely Fantastic :grinning:. Exactly what I Wanted. (More than what I wanted actually). Now my dashboard users can only do what I intend them to do. This is excellent for the terminal which i am using as a display and interactive dashboard.
However, for the individual PC users, is there any other way. (getting greedy here..) i am recommending them to use Google Chrome for now.

I don't think so unless you want to mess with a tool that can monitor/control Windows itself. Potentially something like that could watch for the browser window going non-full screen and force it back. Don't know for sure that would work though.

As for recommending Google Chrome, depending on your users/customers, you might want to avoid that. There is an increasing awareness at enterprise level, especially in regulated sectors, that Google don't play nice and that they continue to capture user data for marketing use no matter what you tell them. But since most Chromium-based browsers are very similar (technology-wise anyway), it shouldn't really matter what browser people are using as long as it is using Chomium under the skin. Other examples include Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, and Brave.

Thanks, Interesting, btw, which browser would you recommend for running dashboard ?

Whichever one works for you :slight_smile:

Personally, I tend to use Edge for most things now. Vivaldi would be my alternative. Sometimes Brave on mobile. None of the browsers are perfect but these are what work for me.

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