Dot inside query string not converted to underscore


When I get a HTTP Request with:
This query string consists of hub.challenge. I need to respond with the value of hub.challenge.

I can’t respond because the template-node can’t handle {{req.query.hub.challenge}}.
When I try to use hub_challenge as parameter inside the query string and change the template node it works.
But unfortunately the Facebook API works with hub.challenge to verify your server.

I want to know how to change the msg so I can change the dot to an underscore.



Repeating what I said on the GitHub issue you raised for this:

The mustache syntax used by the Template node does not support properties with dots in their name.

If you want to set msg.payload to the value of msg.req.query["hub.challenge"] (note the use of the bracket syntax to cope with the dot) then can use a Change node to do that.

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