Dragging nodes from the palette and align to grid


This is a really minor issue, but something that "annoys" (too hard word) me since the grid feature was introduced (how many years has that been?), is that when dragging a node from the palette it does not snap to the grid, only if you move it again after you have placed it.
Even worse, sometimes the closer you are to an actual grid line, the more the node jumps around on mouse up.

As I said, not something that is critical, but I am curious about your opinions on that.


Sounds like a bug to me

I am not seeing that with 1.0.3 or the new Beta. Running Waterfox on Ubuntu
For me it snaps when I drop it.

I can remember this problem being present in all versions I can remember having snap to grid.
Also in the current beta.

So snapping works in y-direction, but not in x-direction. But the snapping action in y-direction is also not directly intuitive
I guess it might have to do with the fact that the label is calculated after dropping? Have not looked yet at the code

Oh I see what you mean. It snaps vertically but not horizontally. You are right, I just hadn't noticed.

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