ECONNRESET error when sending an email

We have a NodeRed instance that emails a daily report at midnight. The emails are handled by SMTP2GO. We have Node-Red set up so that if it is unable to successfully send, that it retries in 1 hours.

Last night, when it sent the report at midnight, node-red immediately logged a ECONNRESET error. Node-red obviously did not think that it was a successful send, because it resent the report at 1:00AM. But in fact, we received both reports.

I take it that the ECONNRESET error would be triggered by the email server dropping the connection? Is there anything we should check into or is just a freak?

There are no errors on the SMTP2GO logs. It shows all emails delivered successfully.

Can someone clarify what ECONNRESET means?

You could search for it

Thanks, @E1cid , though I had already done that.

I am not an expert so I was hoping for someone to clarify what I had read.

I read this:

"ECONNRESET" means the other side of the TCP conversation abruptly closed its end of the connection

I expect this means that for some reason NodeRed thought that SMTP2GO rejected the request, when, in truth, SMTP2GO handled successfully. How do I know why NodeRed would throw this error, when SMTP2GO did not reject the request? I still suspect a random glitch, rather than a configuration problem because it works the vast majority of times, but I would appreciate an expert's confirmation.

We have the Catch node monitoring for errors. Should we be using something that gives more detail?

Could d be a myriad of reasons, but most likely you internet became unstable for a brief period. As you are doing monitor it with a catch node.

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