Email node shows "invalid properties: token", but works

I'm upgrading from NR 3.0.2 to NR 3.1.3 and everything has been working well except for one odd issue with the email node (node-red-node-email v2.1.0).

Here's how I have the email node configured:

  • Name -- empty
  • To -- empty (set by
  • Server -- a gmail server
  • Port -- 465
  • Use secure connections -- checked
  • Auth Type is a new field, which I set to Basic.
  • User id -- yes
  • Password -- yes
  • TLS option -- not checked

When I configure the node this way, a red triangle appears on the node with the message "invalid properties: token". When I try to deploy, I get the prompt:

"The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured: [User Edit Page] email (e-mail) Are you sure you want to deploy?"

I force it and the node works fine. Interestingly, when I refresh all flows, the red triangle goes away. So not a serious bug, but certainly misleading.

I have the same problem - it seems to be again a bug after NodeRed Version 3.1.1. It seems that the general check of the editor to detect misconfigured nodes - was not tested with all nodes.

I hope this will not happen for other nodes again and again.

I opened an issue: Another editor bug when checking misconfigured nodes · Issue #1043 · node-red/node-red-nodes · GitHub

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