Enhancement: new node selection group for catch and status nodes


I wanted to suggest that the nodes catch and status get another node selection grouping. Currently you can choose between all nodes and selected nodes. I would find it useful if all nodes of the group were also available for selection. If this is selected, only nodes from the same group and possibly subgroups are reacted to.

What do you think about this?

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Seems reasonable & useful. I wouldn't be opposed.

Are you in a position to implement the feature?

I would have to look at the code first to check if my knowledge is sufficient to perform the extension.

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I would do the development. First local tests were positive.

Can I make the pull request then, or is there something I need to consider first. The website says something about signing a CLA and a discussion in the community?

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Hi @NetHans

You can consider the community discussion requirement met.

After you raise the pr (against the dev branch please) then you will be prompted to sign the contributor agreement.

Pull Request is set

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