“Error: Client Not Ready To Read At State reconnecting” when try Huawei Sun2000

Hi. I'm trying to conect to my Huawei Sun 2000 by modbus TCP and when I deploy a Modbus Read module and configurated a client with ID 0 appears that error: "Error: Client Not Ready To Read At State reconnecting"

I installed the last version but reading a post tells that the version that fix that problem is the 12. I've downgraded to that version but this error continues.

Any ideas? Thanks for all.

pd.- that's my first post in this forum. Tnx to all. I've post this message in Create Nodes discussion too.... sorry for the inconvenience...

Which modus node are you using (node-red-contrib-something)? I believe that generally the current recommended one is node-red-contrib-modbus

Hi. I have the same problem trying to connect to my Huawei Sun 2000 . My error is "Modbus Failure On State connected Get More About It By Logging" and then "Error: Port Not Open"

I have installed

  • node-red-contrib-modbus
  • node-red-contrib-modbus-tcp-ip

I have tried to connect to another modbus TCP and it works correctly but with the inverter there is something different.

Do you know how to do it?

Thanks a lot!!

Yes, I know Huawei is 'special' cause it uses ID 0 insted 1 as usual.... But in YouTube videos appears they use ID 0 and it works. I think that could be that in inverter we have to enable 'something' as modbus tcp or similar.

No, I don't know that device, sorry. Have you checked the ip address?

In my case, yes, I know the IP address and making ping it anwser.

The only one thing I think is the modbus tcp were not enabled but I haven't the installer's password to commit the inverter...I'm going to talk with them (installer) and ask about it.....