Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, unlink 'E:\nodeRedflows\.flow.json.backup'

Hello, I was runnig a process in node red and node red stop working.
Since then I couldn´t start up node red from TaskScheduler. I have to start up with powershell manually. As if it weren't all I can´t deploy anithing.

This error started appearing: Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, unlink 'E:\nodeRedflows.flow.json.backup'
The file is in the current folder directory.

I need some help with this error because I have no idea what is happening. I didn´t change anything and it stop working.

Thanks Lucas

We would need to see some log output.

Instead of starting via the scheduler, start Node-RED manually from a command line and report back the log output please.

Now it is working with powerShell. I don´t understand what do you mean with log out.

You still have an error if that output is current. But I can see that it appears to be from something in node-red. You should also see a copy of that warning appear in your debug panel in Node-RED and if so, it may give you the originating node.

I wanted to see Node-REDs log output but I think you've shown just enough of it.

Try renaming the .flows.json.backup file to something else to move it out of the way.

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