Can't deploy everytime I add any modification


Hello, does anyone know why I'm having this error each time I add or modifiy a node or a flow ?




I found it, I should've launched node-red from an administrative command prompt and not from just a cmd



I don't use Windows, but I am fairly sure that your .node-red folder should not be in that location. The Program Files folder is for programs not user data. I imagine the reason you are having to run as administrator (which is not a good idea, I think) is because it is in that location. Hopefully someone (@dceejay?) will advise what you should do. Or perhaps advise that I am talking rubbish.

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I'll take it in consideration thank you.



Hi @nassima100, I faced the very same issue today. As a workaround I renamed the suspicious file .flow.json.backup in my case, to another random name. After this action, it was possible to deploy the flow. A new backup file was created automatically. I am not sure why this happened but I suspect it may be related to the activation of Google drive sync in the project folder. This was the only change I did recently in my system. Eventually, it may be a result of some unsolicited Windows10 upgrade, who knows.

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@Andrei Node-RED creates that backup file each time you deploy. Nothing to do with Windows.

The original issue here was simply one of permissions having run Node-RED as a different user.