Error deploying

Hi, when I press deploy I get this error "Error saving flows: EPERM: operation not permitted, copyfile 'C:\Users\JRC.node-red\flows.json' -> 'C:\Users\JRC.node-red.flows.json.backup"
I can't find a way to fix it, I exported all nodes, reinstalled node-RED and It still shows the error.

At a first guess, I'd say that you have probably installed one or more nodes with the wrong permissions or are running Node-RED with the wrong permissions.

Check what owns the files in your userDir folder.

Do you think running cmd as Admin would work?

Yeah, running it as admin worked

Which shows that you've installed things incorrectly. You really need to take it out and start again. You shouldn't ever need to install nodes or do anything in the running instance of Node-RED as an admin user. You will get other issues if you don't fix that now.

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